1. Get enough sleep - if this doesnt happen during your normal working week, catch up when you can. And don't feel guilty for doing it!
  2. Eat a healthy balanced diet – cut down on those sugary snacks, eat dark chocolate or fruit instead!
  3. Exercise - Move your body in whatever way you enjoy! Dance, like nobody's watching! Attend a regular yoga class or do some home practise (I'm so proud of those of you that tell me you're still doing a short practice almost every morning after being on retreat!)
  4. Do something fun that appeals to your inner child and don't take yourself too seriously
  5. Try to stay away from constantly negative people – they're just trying to pile their bad energy onto you!
  6. Laugh as much as possible. Socialise with people who make you feel uplifted or watch something funny on TV, YouTube etc
  7. Avoid reading newspapers or visiting internet sites filled with doom & gloom
  8. Meditate – this doesn't mean you have to completely clear your mind, but even taking 5 minutes to relax your whole body, reflect on your day ahead etc
  9. Remember those 3 deep breaths! Do whilst sitting on the loo if you have no other time! Ground and centre yourself morning and night
  10. Take a mindful and relaxing walk, if possible go anywhere you can observe nature in its abundance and appreciate the quieter surroundings.
  11. Be grateful for everything good you have in your life at this moment.
  12. Book a yoga retreat to give you something to look forward to ;)

Please let me know if you do anything else that helps raise your vibe!
Sending you much love, health & happiness,
Jo & the
team xxx